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Meejo app

The smoothest mobile application for bus traffic is here - buy your bus tickets more easily and faster!

The Meejo app can be downloaded for free from the app store on your smartphone – App Store for iOS phones and Google Play for Android phones.

Buying tickets by Meejo is now more easier than ever. For example, you can look at the bus timetables, buy bus tickets and make a seat reservation for your trip if you like. In addition to this, you get access to different offers every month. By registering with the Meejo app, you get access to our loyal customer benefits. When you have registered as a loyal customer, your benefits will automatically become visible under My Benefits.

Via the Meejo app you can...

  • create an accout and manage your account
  • save your card details to make payment faster
  • search for a journey
  • pay your journey
  • see you own tickets
  • book a seat for an express route with a fee of 1,90€
  • enjoy the offers
  • buy a ticket without registrating
  • check where the bus is coming
  • check your nearest bust stop location on the map

For more detailed instructions, see the Meejo application.