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Quality promise

This is our quality promise according to the Public Transport Act (869 / 2009), section 48.

Savonlinja is the major bus operator in eastern and south-eastern Finland. We have been operating in the field since 1924. We also operate in the Helsinki and Turku areas. 

Savonlinja offers public transport in cities, contract transport for cities and municipalities, regional and local public transport, express routes (within Finland), regular route traffic, charter trips and travel packages. When it comes to charter trips, Savonlinja has profiled itself in recent years as an organiser of transport to major events. Savonlinja employs around 700 bus transport professionals in 10 different locations. The company has around 500 buses.

Savonlinja publishes a variety of timetables. We are also included in regional timetables. When it comes to contract transport, the outsourcer is responsible for timetable publications and information. Journey-specific information about routes, timetables and stops is available from Matkahuolto's national timetable system, at and from Matkahuolto's customer service, on 0200 4000 (1.99 euro/min. + local network charge) or in Savonlinja's online store at

Timetables and routes for local and regional journeys are also available in local journey planners maintained by outsourcers or Matkahuolto. We provide information on routes, timetables and changes to these in our timetables, on our website and through separate messages if necessary. Information about charter trips and travel packages can be found on our website.

Instructions for passengers are published in our company's timetables as well as on our website and Matkahuolto's website. These instructions include useful information about how to make your journey as successful as possible. During the journey, the driver informs the customers of the timetable and stops, especially on express routes. The driver gives the passengers advice and instructions on all issues related to the journey. The driver will also immediately inform the passengers of any exceptional situations arising during the journey. In the event of any disturbances, we have a 24-hour emergency service.

We use Savonlinja's own ticket products, also Matkahuolto's tickets are valid. In addition to single fees, we also use various discounted ticket products. Current information about the ticket products can be found on our own website and Matkahuolto website. Ticket information can also be found in our timetables and in the outsourcers' own timetables.

For changes to tickets bought in our Linjalla mobile app online store, we charge an administrative fee of €7.50. Changes are possible only when the journeys concerned are Savonlinja's own. The arrangements are always agreed on separately through the feedback form and our loyal customers can make changes themselves through our webstore.


Savonlinja has an own information and ticket system and is also member of Matkahuolto's information system. Many transport outsourcers (cities, municipalities, ELY Centres) have their own information and ticket systems. Information about these can be found on the outsourcers' own website.

It is possible to reserve a seat when buying a ticket via our Linjalla mobile app or online store. The price of the reservation is €1.90 per person per journey. Seats can be reserved in the five first rows and the reservation is only valid for the journey specified on the ticket. A ticket reserved in advance entitles the passenger to any available seat. Passengers travelling without a specific reserved seat must be prepared to give up seats in the first five rows to passengers with seat reservations.

We have around 500 buses, with between 15 and 69 seats. Most of our express buses are equipped for charter trips, with facilities such as air conditioning, toilets, DVD players, seat belts, etc. In cities, we mostly use buses with lowered floors and space for prams and wheelchairs. Most of our buses are equipped with legally required breath alcohol ignition interlock devices. Our buses are regularly washed, cleaned and serviced to keep them safe and fit for the road.

Public transport is an environmentally friendly form of transport. Equipment purchasing plays a key role in the work to reduce emissions. The most modern equipment adheres to the strictest environmental requirements when it comes to emissions and fuel consumption, as well as noise. All our drivers have been trained in economic and environmentally-friendly driving. Our repair and service staff are trained on the newest equipment and work in an environmentally responsible way.

A happy customer is our most important goal, and we strive to be able to serve our customers "from bus stop to bus stop" over and over again. We hold a quality certificate (ISO 9001:2000) for HSL and the Turku region. Elsewhere, we use Savonlinja's own quality manual. In public transport in cities, many outsourcers perform quality checks of their own.

The feedback provided via our website and other customer feedback channels provides us with important information about the quality of our services and possible areas for development. We use this information to develop the quality of our services. In the event of any problems with our customer service, we ask for specific feedback as quickly as possible, as this helps us investigate and correct the issue.

All feedback is handled within 1-5 working days , and customers who have provided us with their contact information will receive a response. We will compensate customers for costs directly incurred by faulty or insufficient action on our part. Refunds and compensations for damages are always negotiated separately for each case. In matters concerning the rights of passengers and consumers, applicable Finnish legislation is followed.

Mark your luggage with a name tag. In cases of lost or damaged luggage, our responsibility is limited in such a way that we will compensate for a maximum of 20 euro/kg (Road Haulage Contracts Act 23.3.1979/345 section 32).

We reserve the right not to be held responsible for delays and cancellations due to force majeure. We are not alone on the roads and we cannot affect the smoothness of traffic flow on our own. Traffic may cause delays.

Our goal is to make sure that our customers make their connections. Confirm your connections before booking or before your journey starts. The driver can provide more information about connections. Savonlinja is responsible for connections that are specified in the company's timetables or that are specified as transfer connections in Matkahuolto's timetable system. In these cases, the company must be the operator of at least one of the journeys involved. If necessary, we will contact the company operating the connection to ask them to wait if our bus is delayed. Customers should be aware that other forms of public transport will unfortunately not always wait for a bus that is delayed.

If the customer him- or herself has organised a chain of journeys by combining different journeys, Savonlinja is not responsible for missed connections or additional costs arising because of them. In such cases, the customer should verify that he or she will be able to make the connection before commencing their journey (or before booking the journey). Inform the driver of any transfer connections before the start of the journey. If a problem arises, the company will provide information on how to proceed and possibly permission to use replacement transport.

Passengers must also do their best to try to limit the damage and contact the bus company immediately in case of any problems. The passenger is responsible for any services ordered by the passenger on his or her own initiative and for the costs of connections ordered by the passenger. We kindly ask our customers to take thin into account when planning journeys that include connections.

When it comes to journeys abroad, the customer should check the necessary travel documents well in advance. A seat reservation is obligatory. The customer is responsible for any costs arising because of insufficient travel documents, and the customer may also be ordered to compensate the company for any fines imposed on the company for this reason.

Our personnel will always assist persons of reduced mobility in getting on and off the bus. On long-distance journeys, our drivers will place the passengers' luggage in the luggage compartment and assist any passengers needing personal assistance during the journey.

Customers travelling in wheelchairs cannot travel with our long-distance buses in their wheelchairs, as these buses are not equipped with wheelchair lifts. Our company has a few buses with wheelchair lifts, which can be booked for specific journeys or charter trips if they are available.

Minibuses equipped with facilities for people with disabilities are used on service routes. Buses with lowered floors, which are also accessible for wheelchair users and prams, are primarily used in cities.

All of our drivers are experienced customer service professionals, and many also speak several languages. Our staff receive regular training.